Shiloh Church, United Church of Christ

5300 Philadelphia Dr.
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Dayton, OH  45415


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Organizations & Committees


These include men’s and women’s prayer breakfast groups, Women of Shiloh, quilting, Bible study and discussions; as well as numerous outside groups who utilize our facility for regular meetings and special events.
...we’ve got it all at Shiloh no matter what your interest.



Seniors are vigorously involved throughout Shiloh Church – from Meals on Wheels to tutoring in literacy programs or at Valerie School to bringing their wisdom to all parts of Shiloh’s life. They are a vital part of our "Living the Word by Serving the World" emphasis.




Christian Education Committee
Responsible for the total educational ministry of the church in keeping with its stated educational purposes and mission. This to include, but not be limited to:

1.  Providing for educational programs for children and youth from birth through adult.
2.  Selecting curriculum, recruiting and training teachers and lay leaders.
3.  Maintaining a confirmation program.
4.  Providing for adult education programs.
5.  Providing for nursery care for the church functions.

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Responsible for all areas of spiritual and physical care provided by Shiloh Church to members of its congregation. This to include, but not be limited to:

1.  Visitation of the ill, homebound and those in nursing homes.
2.  Bereavement support.
3.  Flower delivery
4.  Assisting Worship Committee in serving Communion.
5.  Physical assistance programs for the congregation such as Blood Bank.

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Missions and Social Concerns Committee
Responsible for all outreach ministries of the church. This to include, but not be limited to:

1.  Selection of continuing mission projects and determination of support level for each.
2.  Community partnerships
3.  Disaster relief and all other special appeals for mission support.
4.  Allocation of designated Mission Budget Funds.

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Finance Committee
Responsible for all financial activities. This to include, but not be limited to:

1.  Preparation of annual budget for Church Council and congregational approval.
2.  Planning and implementation of annual stewardship campaign.
3.  Supervision and oversight of expenditures

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Property Committee
Exists for the purpose of facilitating the policy and program of the church as they relate the physical property of Shiloh Church, building and grounds. This to include, but not to be limited to:

1.  Providing for care, maintenance and improvement of church building, grounds and furnishings.
2.  Maintaining proper insurance coverage for protection of the building and other property and for liability
3.  Providing facilities and procedures for security of building.
4.  Providing keys to the church building to qualified individuals and maintain a record in the church office of who has keys.
5.  Supervision of custodial staff, with final administrative authority resting with the Senior pastor.
6.  Proposing a fee schedule for use of the church property.

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Worship Committee
Responsible for all elements of Worship activities under the guidance and direction of the Pastoral Staff. This to include, but not to be limited to:

1.  Co-ordinating all elements of regular worship services including media, acolytes, ushers, vocal or instrumental music, and sound system.
2.  Planning special and/or seasonal worship events and celebrations.
3.  Providing worship experiences with broad appeal including traditional and contemporary elements, and using all available presentation technology.
4.  Preparing and serving Communion, assisted by Deacons.
5.  Providing for care and maintenance of musical instruments, media and sound equipment, altar symbols, communion and baptismal equipment, vestments, and hymnals.
6.  Overseeing the Fine Arts programs of the church.

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Growth Committee
Responsible for coordinating all plans to attract, develop and assimilate new members.

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